NEW SONG for a Good Cause!

One NightExciting news! The BRAND NEW Tonks & the Aurors song “One Night” has arrived! I’ve been kicking around this song for months, and it wasn’t until the last few weeks that I found use for it…

In November, I found out about an amazing cause, which for a fairly attainable amount of money, amazing things could be achieved. While brainstorming with a friend, I realized that this is EXACTLY the kind of thing that the Harry Potter community is good at: Helping take care of REAL problems in the real world.

So here’s what’s up, the organization Step Up On Second in Santa Monica, CA put out a call for help, because due to budget cuts in state funding, one of their patients was facing losing his housing. This person, who has already been through so much, now finds himself caught in a bureaucratic loophole, which can be solved for $1,500. After hearing this, Alex Carpenter of the Remus Lupins and I went into action, recording and producing the song so that it could be used to help fundraise!

We hope that you can spare a minimum donation of $1.50 to receive the song, but you are welcome to donate more if you are able! So, let’s work together to give someone the best holiday gift EVER: a home!

“One Night” will be available for a LIMITED time at

Still not convinced? Here’s some more information on the situation…

Step Up On Second ( is a full-service mental health facility located in Santa Monica, CA, that helps people with severe and persistent mental illnesses reintegrate with the community. Some of the services they provide are housing, meals, therapy, and life-skills coaching. The proceeds from this song will support a client in SUOS’s program who was homeless for over 18 years. In the last year SUOS assisted him in getting his own apartment, as well as needed psychiatric and life-skills assistance. Because of their intervention, his improvement has been dramatic and he is no longer suffering from the many health and socialization issues typical to a homeless individual.

Unfortunately, due to budget cuts in the State of California, many of the funding sources available to this client are no longer available. Typically, SUOS is able to find other funding resources, but due to this client’s unique situation (privacy issues prevent us from saying more) this client is caught in a bureaucratic loophole that SUOS has been unable to resolve. For only $1500 we can provide this person with a home and access to the other resources that have improved his life for a full year! By the end of that year, SUOS believes they will be able to find funding this person qualifies for or find him employment to cover his own costs thereafter.

Thanks in advance for your help, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
-Steph Anderson
Tonks & the Aurors