2015 rocked!

November 1st brought the 8th anniversary of Tonks and the Aurors first show. Back in 2007 we had no idea that such a crazy idea to start a wizard rock band would bring us to today. This summer alone, we rocked libraries, met new amazing fans, fell in love with some kick ass librarians, and started a new movement in YES ALL WITCHES.

Currently we have 3 shows left in 2015, and we plan to use these to launch us into the most amazing year ever for this scrappy little wizard rock band with Detroit roots. Come part with us before be bust into 2016!

  • November 21 – the University of Louisville, 8pm @ the Red Barn
  • December 4 – St Louis, MO; 6pm @ St Louis Science Center
  • December 19 – Brooklyn, NY; 5pm @ the Bell House

Love, your favorite wizard rock band

Tonks & the Aurors


Summer Tour 2015!

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Tour 2015
Featuring Tonks & the Aurors, Kirstyn Hippe, Tianna & the Cliffhangers and more!

June 22 @ 6:30pm – Ocean City, NJ
Ocean City Free Public Library – FREE & ALL AGES
1735 Simpson Ave
Ocean City, NJ 08226
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June 23 @ 7pm – New York, NY
Sidewalk Cafe – FREE & ALL AGES
94 Avenue A
New York, NY 10009
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June 24 @ 4pm – Rochester, NY
Penfield Library Branch – FREE & ALL AGES
1985 Baird Rd
Penfield, NY 14526
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June 24 @ 7:30pm – Rochester, NY
Chili Library Branch – FREE & ALL AGES
3333 Chili Ave
Rochester, NY 14624-5324
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June 26 @ 6:30pm – Chicago, IL
Open Books! $5 suggested donation & ALL AGES
651 W. Lake St.
Chicago, Illinois 606661
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June 27 @ 6:00pm – Princeton, IL
698 E Peru St
Princeton, IL 16356
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June 28 @ 3:00pm – Jefferson City, MO
Missouri River Regional Library – FREE & ALL AGES
214 Adams St
Jefferson City, MO
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June 29 @ 6:30pm – Springfield, MO
Springfield-Greene County Library District – FREE & ALL AGES
4653 S Campbell Ave
Springfield, MO 65810
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June 30 @ 6:00pm – Manhattan, KS
K-State Student Union – $5 suggested donation, ALL AGES
17th & Anderson
Manhattan, KS 66502
Facebook Event!

July 1 @ 3:00pm – St. Louis, MO
Florissant Valley Public Library – FREE & ALL AGES
195 S New Florissant Rd
Florissant, Missouri 63031
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July 2 @ 7:00pm – Florence, AL
Florence-Lauderdale Public Library – FREE & ALL AGES
350 N Wood Ave
Florence, AL 35630
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July 25 @ Chatanooga Public Library
with Tianna & the Cliffhangers
Downtown Library – FREE & ALL AGES
1001 Broad Street
Chattanooga, TN 37402

Orlando, FL – GEEKYCON 2015
Mainstage Concert (Full band)
July 29 – August 1
Concert included in admission to GeekyCon (formerly LeakyCon).

August 8 @ 5pm – Elyria, OH
with Tianna & the Cliffhangers
Central Public Library – FREE & ALL AGES
320 Washington Ave.
Elyria, Ohio 44035


Lexington: February 2015

10334280_10203251187469749_5659899535166722819_nLexington, KY

February 28 6-10pm

The social justice organization, Lexpecto Patronum, invites you to enjoy a magical Harry Potter themed evening at the Plantory in downtown Lexington. If you are looking for an out of the ordinary experience, then this is the event for you. The evening will start with a Magical Feast catered by the Lexington Diner. Chef Ranada West-Riley has planned an imaginative menu full of surprises! Believe me, you’ve seen nothing like it. Stay for the Winter Wizard Ball featuring special guest Tonks and the Aurors. Known as “The Bruce Spingsteen of Wizard Rock,” she is beloved by both magical and muggles alike.

Ages 14+ • Formal Dress • Cosplay Encouraged • Limited tickets available!
Look for the option to have invites hand delivered on Valentines Day!


In partnership with:
Lexington Fairness
Lexington United

with a Social Justice Grant from:
The Coulson Firm, PLLC

Lexpecto Patronum is a community chapter of
The Harry Potter Alliance

Chicago: April 2015


Tonks & the Aurors is always looking for cool new opportunities to partner with people in the arts around the US (and internationally!). This year, we were approached with something awesome, and couldn’t say no. In April we’ll be playing wizard rock before a few performances of a brand new play that focuses on some of the best and worst parts of fandom: crack fanfic

Tonks & the Aurors will be playing 30 minute sets before 3 performances of Strange Bedfellows Theatre‘s BADFIC LOVE at the Den Theatre in Chicago. T&tA will play at 7:00 before the show, and sell merch at each performance April 16 – 19.

RSVP on Facebook for our performance dates!

Show Dates:
April 16 at 7pm
April 17 at 7pm
April 18 at 7pm

Tour 2014 Wrap-Up, and 2015 news!


After the final concert in Ann Arbor, MI, the entire #RockTheLibrary tour went to Brighton, MI for a day on the lake. After so many days in a car, I loved the chance to relax by the water. We floated, sunbathed, and enjoyed the last few moments together as a tour!


While lying by the lake, Tianna, Kirstyn, Monica, and I began to outline plans for another crazy tour next summer! I can’t wait to start booking tour dates in December.


After tour wrapped, Automatic rolled out a new web-based dashboard that allows you to manipulate your travel data more than ever before. I’m using this data now to show me trends and to track our path for 2015’s tour schedule.

Before Automatic, touring with a rental car could be hectic and worrisome. Driving unfamiliar vehicles in unknown locales means you have to be ready for any possibility. However, Automatic gave us more control over our vehicle and location, more data to keep us on track, and even gave us peace of mind if anything disastrous should happen.


As a musician who travels often, not having to worry about a rental car with issues or being unfamiliar with the gas mileage and performance on a borrowed vehicle, means that I can focus less on avoiding potential problems and focus more on what I do best: playing music! I think Automatic has made the biggest impact on my long-range travel technology since the iPhone became my travel companion many years ago.

Armed with the data that Automatic gives, my favorite musicians to travel with, and a map app, I’m more prepared than ever for next summer! I hope to see you at a library or bookstore soon.image

Steph, Kirstyn, Tianna, and Monica will be back on tour June 22 – July 3, 2015!

2014 Fall Mini-Tour!

FALL TOUR 2014! Wizard Rock-Tober!

Florence, AL
Florence-Lauderdale Public Library
October 11 @ 7pm
Wizard Rock Halloween party!

Auburn, ALA
October 18, 2014 | Concert included in Registration – $40
Get your ticket!

Greensboro Public Library
Greensboro Public Library Central Branch
October 25 @ 3pm
Wizard Rock Halloween party + Costume Contest


Rock the Library Tour!


Are you a wizard living in the muggle world this summer? A nerd looking for a way to express your devotion to all things nerdy? Get off the computer and in to your library or book store to see this year’s WIZARD + NERD ROCK SUMMER TOUR! All shows are FREE & ALL AGES unless noted!

Indianapolis Public Library – Central Branch
40 E. St. Clair St.
Indianapolis, IN
June 23 @ 6pm
Also featuring: Kirstyn Hippe & Neville’s Diary
RSVP on Facebook!

Open Books!
213 W. Institute Pl
Chicago, IL
June 24 @ 6pm ($5 suggested donation)
Also featuring: Kirstyn Hippe & Neville’s Diary
RSVP on Facebook!

St Louis Library – Florissant Valley Branch
195 S New Florissant Rd
Florissant, MO
June 25, 2014 @ 6pm
Also featuring: Kirstyn Hippe, Neville’s Diary, Tianna & the Cliffangers
RSVP for St Louis!

Main Branch, Huntsville-Madison County Public Library
915 Monroe St
Huntsville, AL
June 26 @ 6pm
ALSO FEATURING FOOD TRUCKS + Tianna & the Cliffhangers
RSVP for Huntsville!

Decatur Library
315 Sycamore St
Decatur, GA
June 27 @ 6pm
Also Featuring: Tianna & the Cliffhangers
RSVP for Decatur!

Greensboro Public Library
219 N Church St
Greensboro, NC
June 28 @ 2pm
Also featuring: Tianna & the Cliffhangers, the Blibbering Humdingers, Hawthorn & Holly
RSVP for Greensboro!

Ocean City Free Public Library
1735 Simpson Ave
Ocean City, NJ
June 30 @ 6pm
Also featuring: Kirstyn Hippe, Justin Finch-Fletchley, Tianna & the Cliffhangers
RSVP for Ocean City!

Friends & Lovers – 21+ SHOW
641 Classon Ave
Brooklyn, NY
July 1 @ 8pm ($8 in advance, $10 at the door)
Also featuring: Kirstyn Hippe, Justin Finch-Fletchley, Tianna & the Cliffhangers
RSVP for Brooklyn!

Amazing Books
Pittsburgh, PA
July 2 @ 7pm ($5 suggested donation)
Also featuring: Kirstyn Hippe, Justin Finch-Fletchley, Tianna & the Cliffhangers
RSVP for Pittsburgh!

The Ann Arbor District Library
343 S. 5th Ave
Ann Arbor, MI
July 3 @ 6:30pm
Also featuring: Kirstyn Hippe, Justin Finch-Fletchley, Tianna & the Cliffhangers
RSVP for Ann Arbor!

Summer Tour Fundraiser!

Hello, Friends!

This summer we will be touring with Justin Finch-Fletchley and Kirstyn Hippe! To prepare for another summer of fun and love about books, we’ve started fundraising!

In an effort to get creative with our fundraising, we’ve partnered up with Out of Print Clothing for something that I think a lot of our fans are going to absolutely love.
Use the code WIZARDROCK when checking out and
1. You will get FREE SHIPPING
2. Tour will receive 30% of whatever you buy!
3. A book will be donated to Books for Africa

We decided to partner with Out of Print because they make clothing, accessories, and jewelry exclusively about the books we love, and we’re fans ourselves! So, help us get the chance to spend another on the road seeing you, and get cool stuff!

Go to Out of Print now to check it out!

As always, our fundraisers go directly towards our rental vehicle and gas to get us started on tour. Our initial first goal is $500, which will get us part of the rental car…but I know you guys can do better than that!
OOP Image2

Cleveland ConCoction!


Con booking #2 is here! Cleveland, look out, because in May I’m tearing up your streets with some nerds.

As usual, our show is included with a con registration, and prices are SUPER reasonable! Come hang out with some awesome people and get a rock show all in the same weekend!

Register now at ConCoction’s website!

I certainly hope the heart of WIZARD rock and roll is still beating in cleveland!