A show, the studio, and futures

Heads up! We’re playing a show February 2 with The Whomping Willows, Justin Finch-Fletchley, and Lauren Fairweater! More info on the “Performances” page.

IMG_4653Also, Steph has wrapped up writing her muggle (non-wizard rock) album, and is putting in time in the studio this month. This album has been in the planning and writing stage for a long time, now so it’s pretty exciting to be busting out the guitars and microphones once again. Today we finally worked the kinks out of Steph’s official website, which can be found at StephAndersonMusic.com

LCE logoIf you haven’t been watching Steph’s collab channel LifeChangesEvrything you might not have heard yet: A brand new Tonks and the Aurors album is being planned for this summer, probably around LeakyCon! New wizard tunes from your favorite pink haired Auror. Songs haven’t been written yet, but once the muggle album is out it’ll be all systems go. Are there any topics you’d like to hear convered from Tonks’ POV? Or something you’d like to hear more from T&tA?

Summer Time!

Summer is here and its time for shows! and tours! and music! and video! and HARRY FREAKING POTTER!

I spent this morning updating the shows listing, the merch area, and adding some of the AMAZING videos that have surfaced on youtube of Tonks & the Aurors blowing the walls off various walled structures.
Such as this one:

So tool around the site some more, check it out, and check back later to see what we’re up to. Tour dates should be updated with times, places, etc very soon too!

I’ll be back later to post a big update on a very short term merch sale that you won’t want to miss!