Lexington, KY
February 28 6-10pm
As a fundraiser for Lexington’s Harry Potter Alliance Chapter, Tonks & the Aurors will be playing at their Winter Wizarding Waltz, featuring a full feast and ball!
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Chicago, IL @ Loyola University (Student Union Rambler Room)
The Loyola University’s Alliance for Awesome HP Read-a-thon
March 21 @ 5pm $10 for Loyola Students, $15 for others
For the third time, we will endeavor to read aloud through a whole Harry Potter book in 7 hours to raise money and awareness for literacy. 
The Read-a-thon will also include a Hogwarts style feast, games, crafts, silent auction, AND live music from Tonks and the Aurors, Kirstyn Hippe, and Neville’s Diary. This is part of the Harry Potter Alliance’s annual literacy campaign, Accio Books.
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Chicago, IL before BADFIC LOVE
The Den Theatre
April 16 – 18 @ 7pm
T&tA will play a 30 minute set before 3 performances of the new play, BADFIC LOVE. BADFIC LOVE blends fandom, music, and visual art to present a love story that swirls around the best and worst in the world of fan fiction.
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Tour 2015
Featuring Tonks & the Aurors, Kirstyn Hippe, Tianna & the Cliffhangers and more!
June 22 – TBA
June 23 – New York @ Sidewalk Cafe
June 24 – Rochester, NY (TWO SHOWS!)
June 25 – TBA
June 26 – Chicago, IL @ Open Books!
June 27 – Princeton, IL
June 28 – TBA
June 29 – Springfield, MO
June 30 – Manhattan, KS
July 1 – St. Louis, MO
July 2 – Florence, AL
July 3 – TBA

Chatanooga Public Library
July 25
Also featuring Tianna & the Cliffhangers!

Orlando, FL – GEEKYCON 2015
Mainstage Concert (Full band)
July 29 – August 1
Concert included in admission to GeekyCon (formerly LeakyCon).